Statement on Governor Cuomo’s Plan for Economic Growth and Tax Fairness

“I want to commend Governor Cuomo for addressing the problem of New York State’s income inequity and making sure everyone is included the plans for our economic recovery.

“I was very vocal in my criticism when the Governor came out against the extension of the Millionaire’s Tax.  Today, I set my criticism aside and I am happy to say that I stand in support of this new plan to invest in our state’s economy, including taking important steps toward making our tax system fairer and more equitable across the board.  I am particularly encouraged by the commitment to invest in jobs for our youth, which are so desperately needed in communities like mine.

“This united front by the Governor and the Legislature sends a strong message that the mobilizations that have been happening across our state have truly shifted the public discourse in favor of the need to rectify longstanding economic disparities in our state.

“Governor Cuomo and the leaders of the Senate and Assembly deserve credit for putting aside their differences, working together and remembering that a more progressive tax system is critical to putting our state in a better financial position.”


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