2013 Voting Ballot

Overview | The Process


We are proud to provide you with a sample of the 2013 District 8 Official Ballot. This gives you an opportunity to review the projects that will be voted on to receive funding during the first week of April.


Play for All: PS 155 William Paca Playground Renovation
Upgrade playground and install equipment for Special needs students.
319 East 117th Street

Hoops by the River: Jefferson Basketball Courts
Fix pavement and upgrade the Jefferson Park Basketball Courts, which are used by youth in the Hoops by the River League.
Jefferson Park, East 111th Street between 1st Avenue & FDR

Peaceful Valley Community Garden
Transform garden into useable and mixed-use green space including landscaping/tree planting, public seating, and fences, all to provide relaxation and activities for seniors, children, and adults.
117th Street and Madison Avenue


Playground Upgrade and Expansion in Washington Houses
Renovation of current playground area behind 220 East 102nd Street (repaint pavement, secure benches and tables) and installation of additional equipment (climbing apparatus, slides, etc.) to properly fill the space and serve the large youth population.
1773 Third Avenue

Installation of Security Cameras
An installment towards the total cost of providing security cameras in the following developments: East River Houses ($200,000), Douglass I, II, and Addition ($100,000), Johnson Houses ($100,000), and Millbrook Houses ($100,000). This funding allocation would only cover a portion of the overall cost for these cameras, with a significant cost remaining for each development.
East River, Millbrook, Douglass, and Johnson Houses

Lighting Upgrade in Douglass I, II, and Addition

Installation of high-quality lights across this poorly lit development is crucial to the safety of 4,374 residents. This funding allocation would cover a significant portion of the overall cost for lighting.
Douglass Houses

Video for Installation of Security Cameras & Lighting Upgrade in Douglass I, II, and Addition:


Laptops for Schools in District 8
New Laptops and Technology for the following 9 schools: The Young Women’s Leadership School (105 East 106th Street), PS 57 (176 East 115th Street), Manhattan Center High School (260 Pleasant Avenue), Mosaic Preparatory Academy (141 East 11th Street), PS 369 Young Leaders (468 East 140th Street), Reynolds West Side High School (140 West 102nd Street), Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation (410 East 100th Street), PS 72 Lexington Academy (131 East 104th Street).

SMART Board Technology for Schools
Purchase 8 SMART boards each for Young Women’s Leadership School (105 East 106th Street) and PS 369 Young Leaders (468 East 140th Street).

Air Conditioning Wiring for PS 72
Install wiring components to prepare 36 classrooms for installation of air conditioning units (the school will fundraise for the units themselves).
131 East 104th Street

Auditorium Upgrade at Manhattan Center for Science and Math HS
Replace 100 seats in the auditorium and 20 seats in the music room.
260 Pleasant Avenue between East 115th & 116th Streets

History/Media Lab for PS 171
Transform an existing classroom into a lab with technology stations and additional storage. Also includes 30 desktop computers, one laptop cart, four laser printers and a wiring upgrade.
19 East 103rd Street.



Technology Centers for Youth and Seniors
Installation of new computers, wi-fi and state of the art technology to benefit youth, seniors, and the broader community. One center located at  Youth-Build on East 118th Street and one at Carver Senior Center on East 102nd Street.
206 East 118th Street and 55 East 102nd Street
These projects were developed in a collaboration between the Seniors and Youth committees.

Safety Upgrades at the Heckscher Building
Partial costs for school gym repairs and rooftop repaving to benefit K-12 students of Boys & Girls Harbor, El Museo, and Harlem Center for Education.
1 East 104th Street at 5th Avenue

New Fitness Equipment for Cherry Tree Park
This equipment will benefit teens and young adults in the surrounding neighborhood serving to improve public health by providing new recreational activities.
3rd Avenue, 99th Street to 100th Street


Upgrades for Gaylord White Senior Center
Install new entrance with automatic door and new age-friendly benches, pavement, tables, and awning (to protect from sun) in front of senior center.
2029 2nd Avenue

Backyard Renovations for UPACA 6
Upgrades include a new BBQ area, new benches and awnings.
1940 Lexington Avenue

Layered Access for UPACA 6
Layered Access Security System and entrance reconfiguration for UPACA 6 Senior Homes.
1940 Lexington Avenue


SMART’s Mobile Cooking Classroom
Purchase mobile van to provide Nutrition education services throughout District 8 working to improve community health.
Will serve whole district.

Solar-Powered Greenhouse
A greenhouse at Millbrook Houses that will employ youth 1) in growing healthy foods for the community, engage them 2) in selling the vegetables grown through a Youth Farmers’ Market, and 3) provide youth with valuable, résumé-boosting exposure to careers in agriculture, in business, and in the renewable energy field.
Millbrook Houses, 201 St. Ann’s Avenue


Multi-Media Information Kiosks
Install six multi-media information kiosks along Broadway, Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues providing free public access to internet on street corners. Kiosks will increase resident’s and visitors’ awareness of community events.
Broadway at 96th & 110th Streets, Amsterdam at 97th & 110th Streets, Columbus at 97th & 110th Streets

New Subway Canopy
Install new Subway Entrance Canopy at 103rd Street and Broadway. This will increase safety on entrance stairs and reduce flooding during extreme weather.
103rd Street and Broadway

2 thoughts on “2013 Voting Ballot

  1. I been a big fan of PB. From the beggining.I have Patcapitate in different meeting.
    I will still like to be part of the process now an Ianthe future. What better way for this money spend then to the voices of the community.

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