Melissa at City Council Stated Meeting. Photo by William Alatriste.

Legislation sponsored by Melissa that has become law:

  • Int 613 (Local Law 65 of 2007): Establishing new regulations on the use of explosives for demolition and excavation.
  • Int 627-A (Local Law 7 of 2008): The Tenant Protection Act
  • Int 687-A (Local Law 33 of 2008): Requiring certain buildings or structures to undergo structural inspections.
  • Int 476-A (Local Law 84 of 2009): Requiring the benchmarking of energy and water efficiency of certain buildings.
  • Int 1083-A (Local Law 91 of 2009): Requiring local representation on park conservancies.
  • Int 123-A (Local Law 19 of 2010): Requiring a review process, including consideration for safety, health and environmental concerns, for any new surface materials to be used on playgrounds and fields in our City.
  • Int 162-A (Local Law 39 of 2010): To require one annual household hazardous waste collection event in each borough.
  • Int 87-A (Local Law 44 of 2010): The Corporate Landlord Registration Act, requiring principal owners of multiple dwellings to provide their names and contact information to HPD and prohibiting them from providing solely a mail handling facility address.
  • Int 373 (Local Law 58 of 2010): Requiring the mayor’s office of operations to report certain hate crime statistics on the city’s website.
  • Int 393 (Local Law 59 of 2010): Requiring the mayor’s office of operations to report certain domestic violence statistics on the city’s website.
  • Int 442 (Council Members Jackson, Viverito and Vallone) (Local Law 6 of 2011): The Student Safety Act, requiring reporting on discipline and police activity in public schools.
  • Int 656 (Local Law 62 of 2011): Prohibiting the Department of Corrections from honoring federal detainers on immigrants that meet certain criteria.
  • Int 18 (Local Law 27 of 2012): Establishing a prevailing wage requirement for building service employees in buildings owned, or managed, in whole or in part by persons receiving financial assistance or rent derived in whole or in part from the city treasury.  Note: This law was vetoed by the Mayor. The Council overrode the veto.
  • Int 16: Requiring quarterly reports from the environmental control board on illegal vending.

Additional Legislation Introduced This Session:

  • Int 17: Launching a zero carbon emission building pilot program.
  • Int 19: Freezing fees of those applying for J-51 benefits at the time of application.
  • Int 48: Establishing an annual vacant properties census.
  • Int 86: Replacing horse drawn carriages with alternative fuel powered classic cars.
  • Int 88: Requiring the New York City Police Department to make certain domestic violence statistics available through its website.
  • Int 89: Regulating the removal of trees from private property.
  • Int 122: Establishing a pilot commercial waste audit program, which will help different businesses in our City to establish industry standards and best practices for waste management, recycling and the use of environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Int 310: Creating a new licensing category for alternative fuel powered classic cars.
  • Int 336: Requiring the Department of Homeless Services to report the results of its inspections 0f potential housing for the homeless.
  • Int 392: Clarifying the rights of pet owners in multiple dwellings.
  • Int 443: Banning the use of artificial surfacing on passive areas in parks (those areas that are not used for athletic purposes).
  • Int 459 (Council Members Garodnick, Mark-Viverito and Chin): Requiring that landlords provide tenants with an e-mail address where they can be reached.
  • Int 485 (Council Members Vann, Recchia, Mark-Viverito and Lander): Requiring the Finance Commissioner to establish criteria that will assess whether or not banks are meaningfully addressing the credit and financial needs of local communities in NYC and then to classify them according those criteria.  These classifications can inform decisions made by the City regarding in which banks City dollars should be deposited.
  • Int 623: Prohibiting persons receiving public funds or subsidies to be placed in buildings with a history of tenant harassment
  • Int 670: In relation to the humane disposition of carriage horses.
  • Int 779: Amend the New York city building code about the renewal of permits for a sidewalk shed or scaffolding.
  • Int 852: Car Wash Accountability Act, requiring car washes to be licensed and creating greater oversight with regards to workers’ rights.
  • Int 870: Requiring that data provided to the Council by the Police Department be provided in a “machine readble” format (e.g. Microsoft Excel as opposed to PDF).
  • Int 1031: Requiring the creation of a registry of transportation providers for adult day care programs.
  • Int 1084: Requiring reporting on conservancy funding in city parks.

Resolutions sponsored by Melissa that have been adopted by the City Council:

  • Res 1815: Resolution determining that a public emergency requiring rent control in the City of New York continues to exist and will continue to exist on and after April 1, 2009.
  • Res 1982-A: Resolution supporting President Barack Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court of the United States, congratulating Judge Sotomayor on her nomination, and urging swift Senate confirmation.
  • Res 162: Calling upon the United States Congress to pass and President Obama to sign a just and humane comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2010.
  • Res 245: Resolution calling on the New York State Legislature to pass A.10163/S.7050, an act to amend the Labor Law in relation to establishing the Wage Theft Prevention Act.
  • Res 626: Resolution calling upon the United States Congress to reinstate the privileges, formerly held by the Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner and other delegates, allowing them to vote on amendments and procedures in the Committee of the Whole.
  • Res 1172 (by Council Members Lander, Mark-Viverito, Speaker Quinn, and others): Resolution opposing the United State Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution in Citizens United regarding the constitutional rights of corporations, supporting an amendment to the Constitution to provide that corporations are not entitled to the entirety of protections or “rights” of natural persons, specifically so that the expenditure of corporate money to influence the electoral process is no longer a form of constitutionally protected speech, and calling on Congress to begin the process of amending the Constitution.
  • Res 1230: Resolution determining that a public emergency requiring rent control in the City of New York continues to exist and will continue to exist on and after April 1, 2012.
  • Res 1261: Resolution condemning the senseless shooting of Trayvon Martin and the inadequate investigation that followed, expressing deep sympathy for the Martin family, and calling for a full and impartial investigation holding those responsible to account as well as an examination of “Stand Your Ground” laws nationwide and the role they play in the spread of illegal guns on New York City’s streets.
  • Res 1226 (by Council Members Lander and Mark-Viverito): Calling on Village Voice Media to stop accepting adult services advertisements on its online classified site, Backpage.com, because it serves as a platform to traffic minors and adult victims for sex.
  • Res 1834: Resolution calling upon Congress to pass and the President to sign S.897/H.R.1979, the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, which would reduce the interest rate of federal subsidized Stafford student loans for one year from the current 3.4% to 0.75%.

Additional Resolutions Introduced This Session

  • Res 9: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass, and the Governor to approve, legislation creating a Mitchell-Lama-type program for the 21st Century for buildings to be built on vacant lots owned by the City of New York and for vacant City-owned buildings.
  • Res 10: Resolution calling upon the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, to retire number 21 in recognition of Roberto Clemente, a great baseball player and humanitarian.
  • Res 11: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to amend section 399-dd of the General Business Law to allow municipalities to enact local laws regarding playground equipment, and to specifically allow the City of New York to legislate standards for such equipment for playgrounds owned and maintained by the New York City Housing Authority and further, for any city agency, included but not limited to the Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as the New York City Housing Authority, to perform a temperature test for all equipment installed in parks and playgrounds, including safety equipment and materials, and to prohibit such materials from being installed that pose a health or burn danger to exposed skin.
  • Res 56: Resolution calling on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to insert a question on the driver’s license application that inquires about veteran status, in an effort to obtain an accurate count of veterans in the State.
  • Res 119: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to create a tax incentive program for green businesses.
  • Res 120: Resolution calling upon the State to pass legislation that would provide tax incentives for food-service businesses that use environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable food ware made from styrofoam and other non-recyclable or non-biodegradable materials.
  • Res 163: Urging the United States Congress to pass and the President to sign the Protect Citizens and Residents from Unlawful Detention Act and the Strong Safe Treatment, Avoiding Needless Deaths, and Abuse Reduction in the Detention System (STANDARDS) Act, two bills that will reform the U.S. immigration detention system.
  • Res 164: Resolution urging President Obama to put an end to the 287(g) program, an immigration enforcement program that is causing an increase in racial profiling and civil rights abuses in localities throughout the United States.
  • Res 165 (by Council Members Mendez and Mark-Viverito): Urging Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño to meet with the labor unions representing Central government workers in Puerto Rico to discuss alternative solutions to the economic crisis and reduce the privatization of important government functions, for the benefit of all Puerto Ricans including the thousands who live in, or have relatives who live in, New York City.
  • Res 415: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign Assembly bill A.3659 and Senate bill S.1241, which are designed to improve the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of industrial development agency operations.
  • Res 416: Resolution calling on Congress and President Obama to abandon the proposal for a national biometric social security card as part of a comprehensive immigration reform package.
  • Res 986: Resolution calling on the State to enact legislation that would de-criminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in public view.
  • Res 1231: Resolution calling on the United States Congress to pass, and the President to sign into law, the “Restore the American Dream for the 99% Act” to support job creation, increase revenue and savings and protect critical services.
  • Res 1262: Resolution calling upon the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to reverse its position that the Secure Communities program will be activated nationally by 2013, and to respect states like New York that have taken actions to rescind their participation in this program.
  • Res 1569: Resolution calling upon Governor Cuomo to maintain a moratorium on horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing in New York State until additional studies have been drafted, reviewed and commented on by the public, and published.
  • Res 1673: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign into law legislation that would extend the deadline for voters to register for a political party and be able to vote in the 2013 primary election for that party.
  • Res 1805: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass, and the Governor to sign, legislation to expand the number of trucks covered under the 2011 crossover mirror law.
  • Res 1900: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign into law legislation that would increase youth engagement in elections by allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections if they turn 18 by the time of the general election, and by allowing 16-year-olds to pre-register to vote.
  • Res 1990: Resolution urging Congress to adopt H.R. 1726 to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the 65th Infantry Regiment, known as Borinqueneers.

One thought on “Legislation

  1. I am so proud of the work you do for all your constituents. Your efforts to protect their civil rights are commendable. It’s especially gratifying to see that you also address the needs of so many minorities, including those of children, immigrants, persons of colour, the homeless, victims of crime, and low-income tenants, and others. Xxx

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