About District 8

District 8 includes El Barrio/East Harlem, part of the Upper West Side/Manhattan Valley and part of Mott Haven in the Bronx.  It also encompasses Central Park and Randalls Island.

District 8 Maps

Community Boards


  • Aguilar Branch
    174 E. 110th Street, Manhattan
  • Bloomingdale Branch
    150 W. 100th Street, Manhattan
  • 125th Street Branch
    224 E. 125th Street, Manhattan

See below for additional information on District 8:

2 thoughts on “About District 8

  1. Randall Island Baseball fields

    Lack of public parking its a big issues that parents and friends are facing during their visit to the fields. The parks ranger are having a field day on issuing parking tickets to motorist. The area Lacks in Parking sign display.
    Motorist have been issues parking tickets of fine $115.00 for parking under the railroad bridge. There’s no parking sign…stating there’s “no standing”. I hope that you will address this issue with the DOT and the park rangers. Addition to the lack of signs. Large Public parking lots has been used for private events only. With a big price tag. People who visit the fields are not allowed to park in these large public parking area at all. I hope that your office its able to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Thank You
    Nelson CIntron (FDNY)

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