Vote to Give Back to Local Charity, Dominican Sunday

Chase is donating $5 million to local charities across the country and one of those organizations, Dominican Sunday, is from our very own community! Dominican Sunday’s mission is the empower and strengthen the residents of Manhattan Valley, Morningside and West Harlem, as well as the rest of the City.  Dominican Sunday provides citizenship classes, computer training, ESL classes, career assistance, and cultural events to the community and it’s time that we give back to Dominican Sunday but giving them our vote.

You will be able to cast two votes via Facebook  until September 19; and if you Like, Send, Tweet, or copy the link Facebook provides, you can earn an extra vote if any of your friends follows the link and casts a vote. If you’re a Chase customer, then you get to use two additional votes as “customer appreciation votes.” To use these additional votes, just go to, log in, search for Dominican Sunday and cast your ballot!

In the spirit of Election Day, please click here to vote between now and September 19 for a local charity that has done a lot for our community – Dominican Sunday.


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