Melissa Denounces Racist Anti-Obama Tweets by Advisor to Speaker of Puerto Rico House of Representatives

Melissa has denounced racist tweets sent to President Obama by an advisor to the Speaker of Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives named Heidi Wys (@HeidiWys) on July 26, 2012.  In response to a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama holding a birthday cake, which was tweeted with the message “Someone has a birthday coming up,” Ms. Wys replied “Who cares? Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya.”  Last month, Ms. Wys replied to a tweet regarding an Obama fundraiser saying, “Wah! Wah! I feel like vomiting! Dinner with a guy borned in Kenya and claims he was borned in Hawaii!”

She has sought to “defend” her comments by saying that she is not a racist since “mis sobrinas más queridas son prietas” (“my dearest nieces are dark skinned”) and that she is just anti-Obama.  She tweeted yesterday, “Combato a Obama con todas las fuerzas de mi corazon y pasion como descendiente de alemanes!!” (“I am fighting Obama with all my heart and passion, as a descendent of Germans!!”).  These tweets come just a few months after another set of racist Twitter attacks by Zaida “Cucusa” Hernández, a former Speaker of Puerto Rico’s House, against Rafael Cox-Alomar, a Democratic candidate for Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in the U.S. Congress.

“Heidi Wys’ comments against the President are vile and disgusting, and represent the height of ignorance,” said Melissa. “I am sickened by the continued racist attacks from prominent political figures in Puerto Rico. Instead of setting a civil tone and engaging in a responsible debate, Ms. Wys has stuck by comments that are inflammatory, highly offensive and continue to demonstrate the deep-seated racism that abounds in Puerto Rican political and social discourse.  I call on Ms. Wys to retract her comments and issue a real apology. If she continues to spew this kind of hateful and ignorant diatribe, she should be fired.  I also call on all Puerto Rican elected officials to denounce these racist statements.”

Ms. Wys currently advises Puerto Rican House Speaker Jenniffer Gonzalez of the Partido Nuevo Progresista, the political party that supports statehood.


32 thoughts on “Melissa Denounces Racist Anti-Obama Tweets by Advisor to Speaker of Puerto Rico House of Representatives

  1. Certainly if anyone at this stage of their lives and on this side of the world believes to be white, let me point out that you’re not … Look at your hair, lips, buttocks, hips, nose! Educate yourself and educate your children not to go to the Olympics or sit in a government position to vomit in a twitter or FB status racist comments! Long live to diversity … Rejection towards ignorance! Please know that this comment is not a reflection of Puerto Rican people but just of an oblivious person dominated by her own stupidity.

  2. If you knew the source, you would understand the message. I am so happy that Ms. Wys claims to be German because, I’d be ashamed if she were to claim that she is puertorrican. And, btw, it’s born, not borned.

  3. Show me where it says something racial directly…how about all the DIRECT insults from PPD leaders against our governor….where is Melissa Mark Viverito for those? It is all BS from her it is all one sided from her, like everything in Huffington Post. Grow up.

  4. Why she has to be fired, many americans in funny programs insults all presidents and their spouses. First begins with them.

  5. You see always in P.R. some politics not have education ,looking for respect but never have with others ,everyday the same complaints the politics but never working wih the entire country


  6. Not be that is happening in Puerto Rico, who occupy public posts and assume responsibility of leadership. Ms. Jeniffer Gonzalez represents one of the major political parties on the island is selected to work for the people and your payroll or workgroup is reflection of their feelings should not be alien to the slaughter of these. Take action on Heidi Wys is imminent.

  7. What a complete moron (meaning representative WYS…she can’t even express *english* correctly (i.e. *borned* ??). Gov’t representatives SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him. Quit perpetuating lies and racist attitudes. You are a ROLE MODEL..what the hell is wrong with you that you should try to tear down Obama who is ALSO a role model to many people who look up to him. You sound like a nasty and vindictive woman who should be stripped of all your privileges due to the office you hold. YOU do NOT deserve any of them! Your status should be NADA considering your hatefulness! Does it ever occur to your ignorant little self that you represent a group of people in your jurisdiction that might LIKE Obama yet you continue to spew your personal opinion instead of staying NEUTRAL? Run your mouth on your own time privately like a woman who has some grace and class!

    • I agree with your comment 100% and she is not the only 1…there is alot more of those working in government who share the same racist remarks and feelings toward President Obama. Thats the problem I have if you don’t like him thats ok but when your racist about it and your working in government who carry the power to help change the world then you should never come out your mouth with any type of racism. Your suppose to treat ALL people fairly. All of them need to be fired not given a pat on the back.

  8. She’s an idiot. I don’t even care for her apology. She’ll just dig her hole deeper. Who needs her anyway. Just fire her and be done with it. How embarrassing for her!

  9. Well said Melissa. I am still waiting for Ms. Wys’ reply to my Tweet concerning her slanderous comment. Also, I asked her what she meant by saying “she is a fighter like her ‘german’ ancestors”. Is she talking about her ancestors from the Nazi’s era? I hope not, because then she is also attacking the Jewish community in Puerto Rico as well. Definitely a full explanation should be required by Pedro Pierluisi as Puerto Rico’s representative in Washington as well as from the Governor; even though he is fond of republicanism.

    Besides all her hate against our President, I wonder how is she going to feel if her “sobrinas prietas” hear a bias or discriminatory comment about her dark skin in Puerto Rico or anywhere else. How is she going to feel about that? Or, what if she decides to move to the Mainland and someone yells at her because she had an accent or her physical features are not all that “white” (whatever being white means).

    Probably, someone has to remind her MLK, Jr. famous quotes: “I have one dream that someday, my four children will live in a country where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” I hope that the current PR’s House Speaker (Ms. Jeniffer Gonzalez) and her beloved friend force her to retract from issuing that tweet so full of hate and disrepect.

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  11. When I heard the news I said “otra vez”. The remarks were similar to “cucusa” Hernandez (former Pres of the senate).towards Rafael Cox Alomar (PPD candidate to Res. Comm). She is a very brash woman who has a radio show in “Notiuno” where she can spew her right-wing ideology. Heidi Anne Wys is an advisor to Jennifer Gonzalez. Ms. Gonzalez has done nothing in the face of this controversy. Again think “tea party” but with mofongo. Unfortunately the legislature in Puerto Rico has been dysfunctional for many years. I guess they take their cue from Washington. The only proper thing Ms. Gonzalez can do is to remove her from her staff. (She has made enough money as an advisor). The hate ms. Wys expressed left me a bit dumbfounded. Yes I know there’s racism in the island; I have seen it in my own family. I found her comments went beyond the “normal right-wing rhetoric”. Keep up the good work Melissa. Mucho abrazos!

  12. Melissa, thanks for speaking publicly to this issue. It’s a complete disgrace that she wasn’t fired immediately, that there is even any question about how racist and offensive Wys is. It’s shameful to all of us that there is any tolerance whatsoever for this kind of behavior. All Puerto Ricans should be offended by her antics.

  13. Please understand: the folks in the current pro-statehood administration in Puerto Rico are gung-ho Tea Party-ers. From Governor Fortuno, to president of the Senate Rivera-Shatz, onto Wys’ boss, Assembly President ‘Krispy Creme’ Jenifer Gonzalez and their staff . Seems like they equate being racist as being real red-white-and-blue-American, you know, a la Rush Limbbag!! We are breaking our backs to defeat them come November. Of course I am so proud of Melissa!!!

  14. We still live in a country with FREE SPEECH, after all as great as the oboma’s feel they are, there still living in public housing.

  15. Free speech, doesn’t need to include being insulting and disrespectful to our President.

    Ms. Wys should be fired for being disrespectful to our President and disgracing her position with undignified comments.

  16. Republican candidates want statehood for Puerto Rico. Then that is not a good sign. Repubicans are for corporation profits at the expense of the working class by exploiting natural and financial resources for their financial benefit.

    As the right wing Republicans go follow the money, exploitation and the destruction of the natural beauty of the island all for their profit taking.


  17. Heidi Wys works for the government and represents Puerto Rico, since she works as an advisor to ts speaker. She should be forced to resign until she shows enough maturity to keep her personal thoughts and opinions out of her professional life. She’s been photographed oozing over Mitt Romney, and we can only presume her behavior is pro-GOP. I don’t give a damn about that. I thnk she shows pathetic professional and mature behavior. I wouldn’t let her advise me on a trip to the bathroom.

  18. The council woman is Puerto Rican, but her adviser and author of the racist comment is NOT. She is White and has earned over $600,000 for a little longer than 3 years of “service.”

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