Melissa & Council Member Letitia James: Why The Soda Ban Won’t Work

Melissa and Council Member Letitia James blogged about Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban:

There are few who would criticize Mayor Bloomberg for working towards the goal of a healthier New York. Unfortunately, there are many who would criticize Mayor Bloomberg for seeking to achieve that goal the wrong way. In fact, most New Yorkers think the so-called “soda ban”– which would prohibit the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages over 16 ounces by most food establishments — is a bad idea.

Although we stand with Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to support New Yorkers in making healthy food choices, and recognize the city’s outrageous rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes — especially among communities of color — we remain deeply concerned about the proposal for the following reasons:

a. the ban, if implemented, will yield an adverse economic impact for small businesses and may result in job losses; and
b. the ban would harm producers that ship soda-syrup and cups across state lines into New York, possibly violating the federal commerce clause; and
c. the ban infringes on the civil liberties (choice) of New Yorkers, and may be overturned

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As Melissa and Letitia go on to mention, the administration should be focusing on goals that will have a greater impact on public health than a beverage ban that might hurt small businesses. The city should be expanding youth recreation programs, school sports and open spaces, and creating programs to subsidize healthy food access and rehabilitating outdoor parks and playgrounds, as well as indoor recreational spaces that would encourage New Yorkers to exercise.

Public comment on the soda ban ends July 24, 2012, which leads us to the question – what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Melissa & Council Member Letitia James: Why The Soda Ban Won’t Work

  1. I’m disappointed to see that this is Melissa’s stance as I feel all of the reasons offered are very very weak reasons to be against. While I feel that there are better ways to address NYC health needs, I don’t see a downside to this option.

  2. I prefer to pickup 16oz. or smaller cups littering our sidewalk. And still nothing about trying to reduce the use of plastic bags. This is shameful. You’re approach to this leaves a great deal to be desired. You should definitely look into this. How did our granparents ever manage to get their groceries home. It’s a total mystery. Don’t worry Melissa, I’m still a fan and voting supporter.

  3. What do I think? This will probably not get posted since the censorship on this blog is off the scale but since the soda companies/lobby are using my tax dollars which in turn is used by all SNAP recipients under the guise of free choice to purchase cartons and cases of soda (no really – go up to Pathmark on 125th St/Lex Ave) and see how much soda gets purchased which by the way soda serves no NUTRITIONAL BENEFIT but still taxpayers are subsidizing the large US soda companies.

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