Melissa Applauds Senate Vote to Confirm Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte

Melissa applauded the Senate on their 62-37 vote to confirm Mari Carmen Aponte as our Ambassador to El Salvador today. This is a monumental occasion, as Ambassador Aponte is the first Puerto Rican-born woman to be confirmed as a United States Ambassador.

“I appreciate the ongoing efforts of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the White House, members of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, and other Puerto Rican community leaders that resulted in this historic and well-deserved appointment,” Melissa commented. “I look forward to seeing Ambassador Aponte’s future successes in building Salvadoran-American relations and supporting democracy and human rights in El Salvador.”


One thought on “Melissa Applauds Senate Vote to Confirm Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte

  1. It seems to be the thing to do: applaud the entry of members of an oppressed people into the limited circles of power. But is is similar to replacing foreigners governing a colony with the natives that will do servants of the Empire. It is difficult to identify what period in history a democratic agenda was promoted by the Empire, but in today’s scene it is hardly the case that a diplomat will be “supporting democracy and human rights.” anywhere and particularly in El Salvador.” The U.S. is preparing to roll back the progressive left governments in Latin America. so Mari Carmen Aponte, get ready.

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