Want to GROW your food business? Hot Bread Kitchen is Opening Up a New Program

HBK Incubates supports the growth of food businesses for low income and minority entrepreneurs.

HBK Incubates provides licensed commercial kitchen space and business development support to culinary entrepreneurs. It is a place for small businesses to grow without having to spend money building their own kitchen.

Their new program for Low Income Food Entrepreneurs (LIFE), lowers the barriers to success for low-income food businesses. This program eliminates the startup costs of incorporation, insurance and licensing, which are necessary to sell food legally in New York City.

Members of the LIFE program, receive help in formalizing their business, allowing them to sell their product at grocery stores, markets, or online improving their ability to make money and grow your business.

If you are a low income food entrepreneur who has outgrown your home kitchen, HBK incubates’ LIFE program can help you grow.

Download a flyer with more information. Spaces in the program are limited. For more information and to join the program, call Beatriz at (212) 369-3331.

This program is supported by the New York City Council.


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