Sign Our Petition to Affirm that Kindergarten Should Be a Right

The City Council has been working with the New York State legislature to pass legislation (S7015 and A9861) which would allow New York City to make kindergarten mandatory.

The Senate Education Committee recently passed this legislation, putting us one step closer to our goal of ensuring that all NYC families have access to an early childhood education.

But we need to get this through the Senate and Assembly before they break for the summer. Sign our Kindergarten is a Right petition

Kindergarten is a crucial foundation. Students who have had access to quality early childhood education have higher graduation rates, are less likely to drop out of school, and are more likely to be successful as adults.

Yet, each year, thousands of children in New York City enter first grade without ever having set foot in a classroom. Many of the students who are missing out on kindergarten are the ones who need it the most, such as foster children, English language learners, or children in transitional housing.

We believe Kindergarten should be a right for all New Yorkers. That’s why we ask the State Legislature to support New York City families and to pass this important legislation to give every child in New York City gets a strong and healthy start!


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