Melissa Condemns East Harlem Pharmacy Robbery and Shooting

Melissa condemned the East Harlem pharmacy robbery and shooting at 119th St. and 1st Ave. this morning and called for more work to prevent gun violence as well as legislation to protect pharmacists:

Our community has been the victim of several pharmacy robberies in recent weeks and today, another pharmacy was the victim of a robbery and shooting. I want to offer my best wishes for the three innocent bystanders who were wounded. We should also recognize our police officers, including a retired officer, who stopped the robbers from hurting more people, and hope the second suspect is quickly apprehended.

Though the details are not yet known, it is likely that this incident involved the use of an illegal gun, which demonstrates the importance of our efforts to stop the proliferation of illegal guns leading to violence on our streets. Mayor Bloomberg deserves praise for his work to do so, and we need to continue those efforts, with programs like those outlined in my Youth Violence Task Force report to keep our communities safe. I also call on the State Legislature to pass measures to crack down on prescription drug theft, and to enact legislation proposed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to track the dispensing of prescription drugs.


One thought on “Melissa Condemns East Harlem Pharmacy Robbery and Shooting

  1. its sad to say ….no matter the gun laws old/ new they will always be alot of guns on the streets…its very sad ,but that is a true fact….

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