Complete Participatory Budgeting Results

Participatory budgeting ended Saturday and more than 1,000 people voted on where their taxpayer dollars should go.

Each voter selected five projects and we were able to fund the top six, for a total of $1.54 million. Melissa will place these projects in this upcoming year’s budget.

You can see the full breakdown of votes below and more information about the projects here. And remember, if your project didn’t make the cut, there’s always next year’s participatory budgeting. Alternatively, talk to our office and we might be able to help make it happen.

1. Installation of Security Cameras at Public Housing Complexes—499 votes
2. Playground Improvements at Millbrook and Douglass Houses—300 votes
3. Off Grid Solar-Powered Greenhouse—242 votes
4. Designated BBQ Area at Millbrook Houses—183 votes
5. Security Upgrades at UPACA 5—145 votes
6. Roof Repairs at UPACA 6—91 votes
7. Transportation for Seniors and Meals-on-Wheels Delivery Van—579 votes
8. Gaylord White Outdoor Seating Area Renovations and Improvements—115 votes
9. Lights at Jefferson Park—217 votes
10. Skate Park at Jefferson Park—129 votes
11. Theatre Upgrade for Children’s Aid Society/Frederick Douglass Center—185 votes
12. A Home for Harlem RBI and Dream Charter School—292 votes
13. Park Avenue Viaduct Lighting—192 votes
14. Pothole Repairs on 1st and 2nd Ave—167 votes
15. Improving the fields at Poor Richard’s Playground—76 votes
16. Improvements to the Jefferson Park Dog Run—107 votes
17. Court-ship At Its Best: Booker T. Washington Basketball Court—80 votes
18. Court-ship At Its Best: Douglass Houses Stadium Court—97 votes
19. New Technology for NY Public Library Aguilar Branch—248 votes
20. Technology for Central Park East High School—68 votes
21. Technology for Renaissance Charter HS for Innovation—88 votes
22. Auditorium Upgrade at Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics HS-67 votes
23. Technology for Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics HS—122 votes
24. Technology for Mott Hall II, M862—41 votes
25. Air-Conditioned Gymnasium for PS 163—80 votes
26. Science Lab for P.S. 171—151 votes
27. Technology for Young Women’s Leadership—143 votes
28. 10-Foot Pollution Barrier Wall at P.S. 206 Playground—105 votes
29. Ultrasound System for Metropolitan Hospital Center—252 votes


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