Participatory Budgeting: The Results Are In!

Last night, Melissa announced the results of this year’s first-ever Participatory Budgeting vote, where local residents were given the power to decide how $1 million in capital funds would be allocated to the district in next year’s budget. And she has a surprise for everyone. She decided to add another half million dollars to the process.

Over 1,000 members of the community came out during a week-long process that began last Sunday to vote on projects developed entirely by people who live, work, go to school or have a child that goes to school in Melissa’s Council district. All residents of the district over the age of 18 were eligible t vote, regardless of voter registration, immigration status or parolee status.  Each voter had the opportunity to choose up to five projects on the ballot.

The results are a good cross-section of different budget delegate committees and of the three distinct parts of Melissa’s district.

Below are the winning projects, which total $1.54 million.

  1. Transportation for Seniors and Meals-on-Wheels Delivery Van ($100,000) – 579 votes
  2. Security Cameras in Several NYCHA Developments ($525,000) – 499 votes
    Includes Jefferson, Johnson, Betances, Millbrook, Washington, Taft, Clinton, & Wagner complexes
  3. Playground Improvements ($500,000) – 300 votes
    At both Douglass and Millbrook Houses
  4. A Home for Harlem RBI and Dream Charter School ($250,000) – 292 votes
  5.  Ultrasound System for Metropolitan Hospital ($105,000) – 252 votes
  6. New Technology for New York Public Library’s Aguilar Branch ($60,000) – 248 votes

Check back on our blog for photos and videos from both the voting sites and last night’s reception.

Thanks to all who participated! If you missed out and want to join us for the process next year, please e-mail


2 thoughts on “Participatory Budgeting: The Results Are In!

  1. Are you aware that there is already $32.5 Million in the DOE’s budget to pay for a building for DREAM charter, supposed to provide 450 seats? And that this is one of the most expensive projects per seat in the DOE’s budget?

  2. We went to Harlem Tavern with a group of five on Monday night for my husbands bihtadry. The appetizers were very good, however we had issues with our drink order. The Tavern was out of all summer draft beers. Instead of telling us this upfront, the waiter went back and forth to the bar each time we ordered a beer, spending about 5 minutes to deliver the message back that the beer was no longer available. It took 15 minutes for my husband to get a bihtadry drink! In addition to the poor and slow service we received all night, none of us liked our burgers and our french fries were cold. It was one of the worst restaurant experiences I have had in Harlem (second to Billy’s). I have been to Harlem Taven on two other occasions and recieved good service both times and enjoyed the food. I am hoping this experence was a fluke and we will have better luck next time. If I didn’t live in the neighborhood however I would not come back.

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