City Council Passes Melissa’s Bills to Require Fair Wages for Building Workers, Condemn Trayvon Martin Killing

Yesterday, the City Council voted to pass two bills written by Melissa, a new law to pay some building service workers a fair wage and a resolution to condemn the Trayvon Martin killing.

Melissa’s bill requires developers who receive subsidies from the city and landlords of buildings with government offices must pay their building services workers the prevailing wage. This will make a real difference in the lives of numerous service workers and their families, as they will now be earning a fair wage. Though Mayor Bloomberg has declared his intent to veto the bill, it is popular enough to become law over his veto.

Melissa commented on the bill’s passage:

When New York City funds new development or leases space in a building, we should be treating workers fairly by paying them a decent wage. Our taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go towards undercutting working families in a race to the bottom. Instead, this bill will ensure that office cleaners, doormen, and security guards working in buildings that receive money from New York City are paid a fair wage. It takes a tiny fraction of our budget to do so but means that these workers will now be earning wages they can live on. I thank Speaker Quinn and Finance Chair Recchia for their leadership in bringing this bill forward, and SEIU Local 32BJ for their tireless advocacy in support of this legislation.

Melissa also organized an action calling for justice in the Trayvon Martin killing, and the City Council passed a resolution condemning the killing. You can read more about it or see all the pictures on Facebook.


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