Bike Lanes Roll Ahead in El Barrio/East Harlem After Community Board Vote

Bicyclist in protected lane

A bike lane elsewhere in Manhattan.

Last night, Community Board 11′s Transportation Committee voted to extend the First and Second Avenue bike lanes from 96th Street to 125th Street. After Community Board 11 rescinded its support of the bike lanes, members of El Barrio/East Harlem community, which has one of the highest bicycle commuting rates in the city, overwhelmingly supported the bike lane extension. This is a vindication of a campaign led by Melissa and bike advocates since 2010 to get East Harlem the same protections for bikers that predominantly higher-income, white neighborhoods like East Village, Chelsea, the Upper East Side, and Park Slope receive. With this vote, the Community Board is moving one step forward to keeping bikers safe.

Melissa commented on the news:

This is vote is a reaffirmation of CB11′s original vote which was only reversed as a result of a campaign by a select few to confuse and derail the implementation of these bike lanes. In the time that I have served district 8 there have been few issues at the local, community level that have received as much input and overwhelming support from constituents within CB11 as the issue of bike lanes. I expect that the upcoming vote by the general board will continue to reflect this overwhelming support.

Community Board 11 will vote on March 20 for final approval for the bike lanes that enjoy strong community support as a strategy to keep East Harlem bikers safe.

Image courtesy of effelarr


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