Huffington Post Op-Ed: Citizens United: Bad for Small Business and Bad for Democracy

Terraza 7 Owner Freddy Castiblano, co-author of the op-ed piece.

On Friday, Melissa published an article detailing how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision tilts the deck against small businesses on the Huffington Post with Freddy Castiblanco, owner of Terraza 7 Live Music in Elmhurst, NY and member of the steering committee of the Main Street Alliance.

Citizens United: Bad for Small Business and Bad for Democracy

New data from a national poll of small business owners shows that Citizens United was viewed negatively by an overwhelming 66 percent of the 500 survey participants. Their chief concern was one that most Americans share, including 88 percent of small business owners: with more money in politics, more special privileges are likely to be doled out to those who could pay-to-play. And note that since January 2010, almost $6 billion has been spent on lobbying activities, according to, and at a time when the Congress is debating whose subsidies to preserve, what industries to aid, and which businesses to regulate.

The Citizens United decision stacks the deck further in the favor of big business by allowing money to dictate what is important in elections, who candidates have to please to get elected, and what sort of policy is pursued after they win. Let me assure you, what is good for Terraza 7, a local NYC performance venue, is rarely what is good for Madison Square Garden or Yankee Stadium. But how can Terraza 7 make that point effectively if money is speech and they have less of it?

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