District 8 Participatory Budgeting Project Idea List Now Available Online

Young people generate project ideas at our Youth Assembly (Oct. 25, 2011).

Following seven neighborhood assemblies held during the month of October as well as a period of submissions through our online platform, we are pleased to share with you the final list of participatory budgeting (PB) project ideas from Council District 8.  This list will be made available to the dozens of budget delegates who have signed up to help formalize these project ideas into concrete proposals.

All of the ideas, sorted by committee, are available at http://tinyurl.com/pbideas8.  This list will be updated on a regular basis as we receive new updates from delegate committees.

Over 550 individual ideas were submitted as part of this brainstorming process.  As you will see, suggested projects range from new technology for schools to park renovations and security cameras for NYCHA developments, among many others.  While some of the suggested projects are not eligible under PB because they do not require capital funding, our office will look into these ideas to see if there are other mechanisms available to bring them to life.

Budget delegates will officially begin meeting next week and will start reviewing the project list.  If you are still interested in becoming a budget delegate, there may still be time to get up to speed.  Please reach out to mmvbudget@council.nyc.gov for more information.

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