Bike Lanes Coming to El Barrio/East Harlem!

The transportation committee of CB 11 voted to bring the complete street design for First Avenue, shown here in the East Village, to East Harlem. Photo: NYC DOT.

Protected bike lanes are coming to El Barrio/East Harlem. Last week, Community Board 11’s Transportation Committee endorsed a plan that would place bike lanes between 125th Street and 96th Street along 1st and 2nd Avenues. At the hearing, Melissa spoke in favor of bike lanes, which are not only proven to reduce injuries to bikers but also to improve the overall health of communities. Melissa also highlighted the benefits to our senior residents who should have an easier time crossing the street under the new layout.

It had previously appeared that El Barrio/East Harlem had been dropped from the list of neighborhoods set to receive bike lanes, which was ironic since, outside of lower Manhattan and northwestern Brooklyn, East Harlem boasts the most bikers in the city. The community and advocacy groups engaged in a number of actions, including sending 2,500 hand written letters to DOT officials and a rally on the steps of City Hall to put pressure on city officials, which Melissa also attended.

Forceful demands from the community have succeeded. The lanes are on their way and could appear along 2nd Avenue as early as Spring 2012. All that is left is approval from Community Board 11 at its next full board meeting.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to and were supportive of this important effort.


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