Manhattan Vacant Building Count Next Saturday!

Melissa joins Picture the Homeless in announcing the vacant buildings count (Photo by Jeff Mays/DNA Info)

On Saturday, June 18th, hundreds of Manhattan residents will pound the pavement and walk every block of seven community boards in search of vacant buildings and lots. Why?  Because they know that their community needs housing, gardens, jobs, and open space – and they know that there’s a ton of vacant buildings, lots and storefronts that could help transform their neighborhoods in ways that help everyone.

In order to get the most accurate count possible of vacant properties, we need your help.  If you are interested in volunteering, or getting more information, please call Adrian at 646-314-6423 or email

You can also CLICK HERE for full details on meet up locations and other logistics.

We hope you will join these important efforts to gather data on vacant properties, as it will help inform our collective advocacy efforts to utilize these properties in order to create new, income-targeted housing, as well as open space for our communities.


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