Melissa Leads Press Conference with NY Electeds in Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers, Unions and Legislators

Melissa led a press conference this morning with 18 other New York elected officials from the federal, state and local levels to stand in solidarity with Wisconsin, as public workers fight to oppose Governor Scott Walker’s union busting agenda.  Congressmen Charles Rangel and Anthony Weiner, Comptroller John Liu, Senator Bill Perkins and many others joined in thanking the courageous Wisconsin State Senators who have kept a measure that would terminate collective bargaining rights for state employees from passage.

“We have gathered here today to thank our Democratic colleagues in government for their courage in standing up to Governor Walker’s attempts to dismantle Wisconsin workers’ collective bargaining rights,” said Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito.  “As we heard in the prank call made to Governor Walker, his actions are part of a clear, concerted and coordinated national attack against the working class and labor unions.  What we are seeing in Wisconsin will have reverberating effects throughout the United States, and that is why we stand in solidarity with all of the workers, unions and elected officials in this struggle for justice.”

Check back soon for press coverage from the event.  See below for the full press release:


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