Melissa Writes to Parks Department Regarding Offensive Statue Outside Central Park


Photo by J.C. Rice, New York Post.

Melissa sent a letter to the Department of Parks & Recreation regarding an offensive statue outside of Central Park in El Barrio/East Harlem, asking that the statue’s location be reconsidered, and also inquiring regarding broader policies on statues and monuments that communities may find offensive.  This statue was the subject of an article in Sunday’s New York Post as well.


The statue in question honors Dr. Marion Sims, who helped make advancements in women’s health, but who did so by performing experimental surgeries, without anesthesia, on female slaves.

Take a look at the letter below:

What do you think?  Does this statue belong in El Barrio/East Harlem?  Let us know in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Melissa Writes to Parks Department Regarding Offensive Statue Outside Central Park

  1. I think this is a very worthy project. It would be nice to know if there is any City policy on placing statues. More importantly is there any policy about what is written concerning the person honored.

    In many respects a more comprehensive exhibit concerning the contributions as well as the impact on people of color might serve the community more than just removing the statue. However the real question is what is the policy and who are decision makers in honoring people with statues in our public parks.

  2. What, a doctor who virtually made advances on health using, practically, torture? Perhaps his statue should not be anywhere.

  3. Melissa, does it again! Thank you so much. In this case, our esteemed Councilwoman gives voice to the voiceless in addressing lack of recognition of the abuse of women of color by a man of science. We can be certain it would not have occurred to him to advance his work by practicing on wealthy white women. This is no different that the Tuskegee experiments conducted on black men by giving them placebos and allowing them to de of syphillis.
    Yes lets look at all these statues in our parks that seem to mostly honor and commemorate men of war and slaveowners.

  4. Can we please stop protesting statues and get the NYC economy back on track? Oh yeah, the welfare train must be keep going.

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