Education Updates: Melissa Sends a Letter to Chancellor Black Regarding Co-Locations and Submits Testimony Opposing Success Academy at Brandeis Complex

Melissa has sent a letter to Schools Chancellor Cathie Black regarding the impact of school co-locations in all parts of our district.  In El Barrio/East Harlem, these co-location arrangements, whereby new schools (often charters) are placed within existing school buildings, are already common, and we have seen increasing proposals to establish similar arrangements on the West Side and in the South Bronx.

Melissa opposes co-locations, since they force schools, some of which are already struggling, to share limited space and resources, only further inhibiting their ability to succeed. You can read the full letter to the Chancellor below:

Melissa also submitted testimony opposing the co-location of the Upper West Success Academy at the Brandeis Educational Complex on West 84th Street.  The Success Academy had previously been proposed to co-locate with PS 145 and PS 165 in our district.  Her testimony is available below:

How do you feel about co-locations in our communities?

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