Statement on Mayor Bloomberg’s Work to Reform our Gun Control Laws


Mayor Bloomberg, surrounded by Martin Luther King III and 34 people affected by gun violence (Photo by Spencer T Tucker).

Melissa released the following statement in support of Mayor Bloomberg’s renewed efforts, along with mayors from across the country, to reform our gun control laws:

“Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg held an emotional press conference at City Hall to announce his renewed nationwide push for much-needed reforms to our gun control laws. He stood surrounded by individuals from across the U.S. who told stories of how they have been affected by gun violence. Three of these 34 courageous speakers came from El Barrio/East Harlem and the Bronx – including family members of Naiesha Pearson, Rory Forehand and Cheyenne Baez, who were senselessly killed on our streets. Sadly, we are seeing an alarming increase in gun violence in my district, with the homicide rate in East Harlem tripling last year, and shootings at public housing in East Harlem and Harlem increasing two-fold. This increased wave of violence has prompted my office to form the Youth Violence Task Force and to explore other means of addressing this growing problem.

“With the recent events in Arizona, this may be our biggest opportunity in years to reduce the number of illegal guns on our streets, and to try to keep these weapons out of the hands of emotionally disturbed individuals. I would like to thank Mayor Bloomberg for his leadership at a national level to promote sensible reforms to our gun laws, such as fixing the broken background check system, closing all loopholes and requiring checks for every gun sale in the U.S. The Mayor has also shown support for banning high-capacity ammunition magazines, which have been behind recent massacres like the one in Tucson.

“While our approach to combating violence in our city will continue to be comprehensive and multi-pronged, gun control at the federal level is a critical part of the equation. I join many of my colleagues in the City Council and members of my community in expressing my gratitude and support for Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to reform our gun control laws.”

To sign a petition calling upon Congress to fix the background check system, visit


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