New Volunteer Opportunity: Help Local Seniors to Take Care of their Pets

Are you interested in helping local seniors keep and take care of their pets? Join Search and Care this Wednesday, December 1st from 6 pm-8 pm to learn about a new volunteer opportunity that will enable frail and low-income older adults to enjoy the benefits and companionship of owning pets even if they can no longer perform everyday tasks such as dog walking, litter changing and shopping for pet food.  The Open House will be held at 1844 2nd Avenue (between 95th and 96th Streets).  RSVP is required to Robin at 212-289-5300 X203.

Search and Care is a small community nonprofit helps El Barrio/East Harlem and Yorkville frail elders to remain in their own homes as long as safely possible.  Through the help of volunteers, this new initiative, the Pet + Elder Empowerment Project (PEEP), will help these low-income seniors by providing essential pet-support services they can no longer do and cannot possibly afford to purchase.

Volunteer opportunities could include:

  • An occasional dog walk
  • Litter change
  • Bird cage cleaning
  • Shopping for pet supplies
  • Taking a pet to/from vet appointments
  • Arranging for visits with your pet to an older adult’s home

If you are interested in helping these older adults, please RSVP for the open house by contacting Robin at 212-289-5300 X203.


One thought on “New Volunteer Opportunity: Help Local Seniors to Take Care of their Pets

  1. Thank you for posting this information. I will share in my Kitty & Doggie News network.

    This is a real issue. Just yesterday I was talking to a senior in the Bronx who is thinking of giving up her doggie because it is more challenging to take care of it. It is heartbreaking.

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