Joint Statement Regarding Congressman Charles Rangel from 15th Congressional District Latino Elected Officials and Members-Elect

“We, the Latino elected officials and members-elect who serve in the areas covered by Congressman Charlie Rangel’s district, stand in solidarity to support a man who has committed nearly 40 years of service to empowering our communities. Congressman Rangel has been a fearless leader, who has often taken on the tough issues that not only affect our communities in Upper Manhattan, but low-income communities of color throughout our nation.

“We also stand on behalf of the thousands of voters in all of our neighborhoods throughout the 15th Congressional District who resoundingly showed their support for Congressman Rangel in both the Democratic primary in September and the general election in November, even amid controversy.

“Congressman Rangel has been instrumental in bringing much-needed resources to our city, and has fought tirelessly to address a wide spectrum of social and economic justice issues, which are of importance to Latinos and all Upper Manhattan residents, including poverty, inequity, job creation and immigration reform. He has helped bring over $300 million to Harlem, El Barrio/East Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood through the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) Initiative. He also has a stellar record of delivering increased educational services, improved health programs, and various social services to our neighborhoods.  Additionally, Congressman Rangel has been an outspoken leader in the struggle to reform our country’s broken immigration system. On these and so many other issues, he has not wavered and he has not faltered.

“Therefore, it is no surprise to us that our constituents delivered Congressman Rangel yet another impressive victory this fall.  We expect that the Congressman’s colleagues will remember his unbelievable record of service and the base of support that exists in his district as they deliberate today.”

José M. Serrano, State Senator, District 28
Adriano Espaillat, State Senator Elect, District 31 and Assembly Member, District 72
Melissa Mark-Viverito, City Council Member, District 8
Ydanis Rodriguez, City Council Member, District 10
Guillermo Linares, Assembly Member-Elect, District 72 and Former Council Member, District 10
Robert J. Rodriguez, Assembly Member-Elect, District 68


One thought on “Joint Statement Regarding Congressman Charles Rangel from 15th Congressional District Latino Elected Officials and Members-Elect

  1. As a constituent who voted for Charlie Rangel I rather see Congress put in jail anyone — and here I mean GW Bush — who has admitted to allowing or in some way has been part of committing torture, and those high stake Wall Streeters who have created much havoc in the economy and are getting away Scott free and getting rewarded (bailed out) to boot.

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