City Council Adopts Resolution in Support of the Wage Theft Prevention Act

Yesterday, the City Council passed a resolution sponsored by Melissa that calls on the State Legislature and the Governor to make the Wage Theft Prevention Act state law.  The Act will put stiffer penalties in place for employers that refuse to pay their workers the minimum wage and overtime.

Make the Road New York held a press conference yesterday in support of the resolution.  Below is a video from the press conference:

A recent study by the National Employment Law Project (NELP) has indicated that two-thirds of low-wage workers are not currently paid overtime when they exceed 40 hours, and a quarter are not even paid minimum wage.  All together, NYC low-wage workers lose $1 billion per year as a result of wage theft.

The Wage Theft Prevention Act has passed both the State Senate and the Assembly, but in different versions.  Yesterday’s resolution calls on both houses to resolve these versions, pass a unified bill and send it to Governor Paterson for his signature.


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