Op-Ed on the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in Today’s El Diario

In today’s edition, El Diario has published an Op-Ed by Gloria Quiñones and William Gerena-Rochet on the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center, where they express their support of EDC’s decision to release an RFEI for the theater and multicultural space as a way to bring greater diversity in programming to the Center.  The Op-Ed can be read in Spanish by clicking the link below.  The English version can be read here.

COLUMNISTA INVITADO Distorsiones sobre el Centro Julia de Burgos
El Diario
18 Oct 2010

Como residentes establecidos en El Barrio por muchos años, llevamos mucho tiempo preocupados por la manera en que el Centro Cultural Latino Julia de Burgos no ha cumplido con su misión: proveerle a la comunidad un espacio donde celebraríamos nuestra…read more…



One thought on “Op-Ed on the Julia de Burgos Latino Cultural Center in Today’s El Diario

  1. At last! Someone who is willing to speak the truth. What Taller is not telling anyone is how much $$$$ they make by renting out the space for private events. Private events even if they mark an individual moment of significance, say a wedding, are not cultural nor open to the community. In all the other days and nights when Salsa Wednesdays is not there what is Taller doing? The entire first floor of the Julia de Burgos is controlled by them and the fact is 90% of the time is closed. In addition to the multi-purpose space they have two more classrooms in the back which they are using for personal and art storage, the community gets zero benefits from that. Finally, something is being done.

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