Melissa to Introduce Legislation that will Require Reporting of Shelter Inspection Results

Melissa will introduce a new piece of legislation tomorrow that will require the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) to report the outcomes of inspections performed on new transitional housing shelters to the local Council Member and Community Board.

Earlier this year, DHS opened a transitional housing shelter on West 107th Street in District 8, and many constituents raised questions about the quality of the housing and what level of inspection had been performed.  If enacted, this bill would enable members of the public to learn about inspection results before DHS enters into an agreement to open a housing shelter.

The W. 107th Street building where a transitional shelter was opened earlier this year (Photo by Andrew Schwartz / West Side Spirit)

The legislation requires DHS to provide the following information:

  • The name of the person or entity operating the transitional housing and organizations providing services there
  • The number of people to be housed at the location
  • A description of services to be provided
  • A list of any health, sanitation, safety and fire protection-related deficiencies that have not yet been brought into compliance with legal regulations and requirements and a description of corrective actions being required by DHS to enter into an an agreement

The bill will be referred to the General Welfare committee where we hope it will move forward during this session.


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