Melissa Publishes Opinion Piece on Synthetic Turf on

Melissa has written a new opinion piece for on the issue of synthetic turf in New York City’s public parks and playing fields.  Below is an excerpt:

The issue of synthetic turf appears deceptively simple. With such a high demand for recreational open space throughout our city and a rising obesity epidemic, who would not want to facilitate greater use of our athletic fields? However, the debate over the proliferation of synthetic turf in our public parks is far more complicated than it appears at first glance. In evaluating these surface materials, policymakers must balance the health, environmental and safety implications of this surface material with community members’ desire for reliable, all-weather recreational space.  Click here to read the entire article.

City Limits has dedicated its September issue to the topic of synthetic turf.  New Yorkers for Parks recently released a report card on synthetic turf fields in our parks, which demonstrates serious deficiencies in the maintenance of these spaces.


One thought on “Melissa Publishes Opinion Piece on Synthetic Turf on

  1. I am a teacher at P.S./I.S.50, Vito Marcantonio Community School, and I propose that the asphalt school yard be redesigned to be half synthetic turf and half grass to compare both surfaces in terms safety, environmental impact and aesthetic value. It will also add a research component to our Rooftop Greenhouse project.

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