City Council Adopts Melissa’s Corporate Landlord Registration Bill

At yesterday’s Stated Meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to adopt Intro 87-A, the Corporate Landlord Registration bill sponsored by Melissa. When signed into law by the Mayor, this bill will require the corporate owners of residential buildings (such as LLCs) to disclose the names and contact information of their principal partners, while also prohibiting the use of mail handling facility addresses in landlords’ registration statements to the city.

Previously, corporate landlords were not required to disclose the names of individual partners, and many of these entities registered addresses for mail handling facilities.  In some cases, the addresses provided to the City were found to be storefront properties filled with mailboxes.  Therefore, when tenants had issues with their housing, it was often difficult to locate the actual owners of the property without engaging in litigation.

“Today, the New York City Council is sending a message that landlords should not be allowed to hide behind shell companies as tenants scramble to resolve housing issues,” said Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito.  “Thanks to this legislation, tenants will have access to the names and contact information of the principal partners of these corporate entities that are increasingly the owners of our city’s residential buildings.  Additionally, these corporations will no longer be able to provide the City with the address of a mail handling facility instead of a real brick and mortar address where the true owners of the building can be reached.  I would like to thank Speaker Quinn and Housing & Buildings Committee Chair Dilan, as well as the advocates, particularly Make the Road New York, for their work on this legislation.”

This legislation has continued the efforts of the City Council to provide our city’s tenants with additional protections as well as the necessary tools to hold landlords accountable.  The Mayor is expected to sign this legislation into law in the coming weeks.

Melissa also introduced two resolutions yesterday:

Res 415: Resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign Assembly bill A.3659 and Senate bill S.1241, which are designed to improve the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of industrial development agency operations.

Res 416: Resolution calling on Congress and President Obama to abandon the proposal for a national biometric social security card as part of a comprehensive immigration reform package.


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