Melissa Responds to Injunction Issued on Parts of Arizona Immigration Law

Just as Arizona’s immigration law was set to go into effect, a judge has issued an injunction on some of the most controversial parts of the law, keeping them from being implemented until a complete ruling is reached.

Those parts of the law that were most likely to result in racial profiling have now been put on hold as a result of today’s ruling.  Specifically, sections that required officers to check an individual’s immigration status while enforcing other laws and that would have forced immigrants to carry documentation with them at all times, have been preliminarily blocked.

For more information, see today’s New York Times article on the judge’s decision.

Statement from Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito on Today’s News that an Injunction was Issued on Parts of Arizona’s Immigration Law:

I am very pleased to learn of the United States District Court Judge Sarah Bolton’s decision to place a preliminary injunction on those parts of the Arizona’s draconian immigration enforcement law that were most likely to encourage racial profiling and discrimination.  Since Governor Jan Brewer signed this law in April, so many of us in the City Council have roundly denounced Arizona’s actions, making it clear that this was simply the wrong approach to addressing our broken immigration system.  We were equally concerned that other states and localities would pass similar laws that go against the values we hold so dearly as a nation.

Fortunately, Judge Bolton’s decision today represents an important step toward what we hope will amount to a decision to fully strike down, at the very least, all parts of the law that threaten the civil rights and civil liberties of immigrants and communities of color in Arizona.  I would like to thank the United States Department of Justice, under the leadership of President Obama, for filing a lawsuit against the State of Arizona in response to this law.  I would also like to thank all of the advocacy groups who have filed lawsuits and the organizations and immigrant communities in New York City and throughout the U.S. who have stood so strongly against this law.

While today does represent a victory for immigrant communities, our fight is far from over.  Even if Arizona’s immigration law is struck down, Congress and the President must remain focused on enacting sweeping comprehensive immigration reform legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants across the United States, as well as other critical reforms such as the DREAM Act and the Uniting American Families Act.  In the absence of such reform, so many local governments will continue to seek to enact piecemeal legislation on an issue that should be regulated by the federal government.

Here in New York City, we take the utmost pride in being a city that welcomes immigrants from all over the world and truly values the enormous contributions they make to our social and economic life each day.


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