The Mayor and the Speaker Have Announced a Budget Agreement

Last night at around 10:30 p.m., Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn held their traditional “handshake” on the City’s budget. While many of the specifics are still being negotiated, the Mayor and the Council have agreed on the major framework of the budget. Some important restorations were announced last night:

  • All fire engine companies will remain open.
  • All four public swimming pools that had been slated for closure will now be open, and all pools will be open for the entire season, rather than the proposal to close them two weeks early.
  • Libraries will be kept at an average of five day service, after cuts threatened to reduce some branches down to two days per week.
  • Senior centers will receive a partial restoration, keeping a number of centers open (to be determined), but closing some others.
  • 72 childcare classrooms, 3,000 preventive services slots, and 200 Administration for Child Services (ACS) staff positions were also restored.

Still, hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts will be announced in the coming days.  The budget is expected to be adopted early next week, after which more details will become available. We will also be preparing a brief report for constituents on this year’s budget, including information on discretionary funding that Melissa has secured for District 8.  The report will be available here on the blog and will be sent out over our listserv.

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