Parks Update: Budget Hearing & Bill Signing

Yesterday, Melissa chaired the Parks Committee’s Executive Budget Hearing. The Department is proposing deep cuts of nearly $41 million, including a headcount reduction and hiring freeze on employees, including those responsible for the maintenance of our city’s parks.

Melissa Questioning Parks Commissioner Benepe at Budget Hearing (Photo by William Alatriste)

Melissa and others at the hearing questioned how the conditions of our parks will be impacted by the loss of so many maintenance staff members. The Department argues that their volunteers as well as anti-litter initiatives will be enough to help our parks remain clean and well-maintained in spite of these cuts.

The Parks Department also announced the locations of the four pools slated to be closed, one of which, Wagner Swimming Pool, is in East Harlem.

Mayor Bloomberg Handing Out Pens He Used to Sign Local Law 19 (Photo by William Alatriste)

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg signed Intro 123-A, Melissa’s Parks Surface Material Advisory Committee legislation. It is now known as Local Law 19 of 2010, and will be implemented the next time the Department uses a new surface material on playgrounds or athletic fields in New York City.


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