Wage Theft Prevention Act Resolution & Living Wage Legislation Introduced at Stated Meeting

At Tuesday’s stated meeting, Melissa introduced a resolution in support of the Wage Theft Prevention Act, a bill in the State Legislature.

Recent studies have estimated that each week, more than 300,000 workers in New York City are victims of wage theft, which typically involves employers denying workers minimum wage and overtime pay, taking back tips and misclassifying employees as independent contractors.  If passed by the Senate and Assembly, the Wage Theft Prevention Act would expand enforcement and increase penalties for underpayment and nonpayment of wages.

Melissa speaking at Living Wage press conference. Photo by William Alatriste.

Melissa also co-sponsored legislation introduced by Council Members Koppell and Palma which will require a living wage (currently defined as $10 an hour with health benefits, or $11.50 without benefits) to be paid at all economic development projects that receive City subsidies.  The Living Wage NYC Campaign has created a website to support this bill.

Below is a video taken following from Monday’s DMI Marketplace of Ideas Event where Melissa talks about both her prevailing wage legislation for building service workers (Intro 18) and the living wage bill introduced Tuesday (Intro 251).


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