Joint Statement Regarding the Selection of Osvaldo Rios as Padrino Internacional of the Puerto Rican Day Parade

Today, seven Puerto Rican and Latina elected officials, including Melissa, released a joint statement criticizing the selection of actor Osvaldo Rios as Padrino Internacional for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, due to his history of domestic violence.  If this designation is not withdrawn, these elected officials have pledged to boycott the parade.

Joint Statement by Council Members Melissa Mark-Viverito, Annabel Palma, Rosie Mendez, Julissa Ferreras, Maria del Carmen Arroyo and Diana Reyna and Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo Re: Selection of Osvaldo Rios as Padrino Internacional of the
Puerto Rican Day Parade

“We are disgusted at the selection of convicted domestic abuser Osvaldo Rios as the Padrino Internacional of this year’s Puerto Rican Day parade. The Board of Directors’ decision is unacceptable and should be immediately withdrawn. Domestic violence is a destructive cycle. Lives are destroyed and futures are damaged by this horrendous crime. We simply cannot remain silent on this issue.

“The Padrino Internacional is a position that should highlight the proud achievements of and leadership within the vibrant Puerto Rican community; a serial abuser most certainly does not qualify. The selection of Osvaldo Rios as Padrino Internacional, instead of promoting all that we have to be proud of as Puerto Ricans, unnecessarily tarnishes our culture as a whole. We are fortunate to have a great many Puerto Ricans who have made great and commendable contributions to society. Surely there is a more appropriate and well-deserved individual for this position.

“If the Board of Directors does not withdraw this honor from Rios, we will boycott the parade and call on all of our fellow elected officials to do the same.”


2 thoughts on “Joint Statement Regarding the Selection of Osvaldo Rios as Padrino Internacional of the Puerto Rican Day Parade

  1. Thank you Melissa and the Wise Latina Sisters who joined you in defending the dignity of the Puerto Ricaqn community and its women by denouncing this outrageous situation.

    Shame on the Chair and other women who sit on the Board of Directors of National Puerot Rican Day Parade! How could they humiliate Puerto Rican womanhood this way!

    Count on us to picket every event they have here in NYC, if they don’t remove this creep as Padrino.

  2. This is to let you know that the Board and the staff of Peace on the Street strongly support the effort to remove Mr. Rios as Padrino from the Puerto Rican Day Parade. This appointment transcends politics and is a social disgrace. We will boycott the parade as well as urge our students and parents to do so unless a more appropriate representative of El Barrio is appointed to replace him.

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