Council Holds Hearing on Prevailing Wage Bill

The City Council held a hearing this morning on Melissa’s prevailing wage bill.  Intro 18, introduced by Melissa in February, would require a prevailing wage for building service workers in buildings that have received significant subsidies from the City or where the City rents space.

This morning, she was joined by a number of colleagues, workers and advocates, in calling for the passage of this legislation, which currently has 34 sponsors.

“When we subsidize development projects, and in terms of this legislation we are also talking about the rental of space by entities that receive above a specified amount from the city on a yearly basis, the City government acts as a powerful economic engine throughout the five boroughs,” said Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito at today’s hearing.  “This legislation challenges the City to harness that power to ensure that quality jobs, not just any jobs, are created.”

32BJ, the union that represents building service workers in New York City, has launched a website with information on this legislation:

Check back here for updates on the prevailing wage bill.


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