Progressive Caucus Pushes Need for New Revenue Sources to Avoid Budget Cuts

Yesterday, the Mayor presented his executive budget, which includes 11,000 layoffs of City workers, including more than 6,000 teachers.  It also proposes closing dozens of senior centers throughout the City as well as 16 day care centers.

The Progressive Caucus, which Melissa co-chairs, released a statement yesterday regarding the critical need for new sources of revenue, including asking the wealthiest New Yorkers and Wall Street to contribute their fair share.

Click below to listen to an interview with Melissa on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show this morning, where she responds to the Executive Budget and discusses revenue options that should be on the table:

Preliminary results from the Caucus’ online budget survey have shown that nearly 90% of respondents favor asking a greater contribution from those who can afford to pay over cutting critical services.  If you have not yet filled out the survey, please do so by visiting  The survey is also now available in Spanish at

In the coming weeks, the Caucus will release a more specific vision for revenue options that the City and State should implement in order to avoid cuts that are primarily affecting our City’s most vulnerable populations.


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