Join us as MTV Airs “Wise Latinas” Special Featuring Elsie of our Office and Laura of D8YC

Please join us at a viewing party held by Women of El Barrio to watch the premiere of MTV’s “Wise Latinas” documentary, which features Elsie Encarnación, a member of Melissa’s staff, and Laura Benítez, a longtime member of the District 8 Youth Council. Both Elsie and Laura were born and raised in El Barrio/East Harlem and are active members of the community.

The event will take place on Monday, April 19th at 7:00 p.m. and will be held at FB Lounge (172 E. 106th Street).  We hope you all can join us to celebrate!
If you can’t make it to the event, be sure to tune in to MTV at 9:00 p.m.

Here is some background information from Women of El Barrio:

Back in December, MTV put out a casting call for a show entitled “Wise Latinas” with a focus on Latinas who have dedicated themselves to improving their communities, nurturing the next generation of Latinas and who self identify as being a “Wise Latina.” Women of El Barrio members responded to this call and Elsie Encarnacion and Luara Benitez were picked! Since then they have been followed by a fim crew and on Monday we will proudly watch as these women represent for Latinas everywhere!

Some history:

As some of you may know last year MTV aired a new episode from its widely popular True Life series entitled True Life: I’m a Nuyorican. Many self-identified Nuyoricans were offended and upset by the inaccurate representation of an entire community that has fought to proudly identify itself. Alyssa Ruiz and Elsie Encarnacion, two members of Women of El Barrio, an El Barrio/East Harlem Puerto Rican women’s organization wrote an article in El Diario in response to the show and asked in that article for MTV to pull the episode from the air and to recast and reproduce a more balanced view that would not only be more representative of the Nuyorican community but would also educate others about our history and way of life. With so much backlash MTV conceded and pulled the show off the air and their website.

This show is our redemption! Join us as we celebrate!


2 thoughts on “Join us as MTV Airs “Wise Latinas” Special Featuring Elsie of our Office and Laura of D8YC

  1. I will try to make it, however I have a previous commitment that has not been solidified yet. I will have it recorded so I wont miss it. Lots of luck!

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