Update: Super Xclusivo Publicly Apologizes for Anti-Gay Slurs

On Tuesday, we posted a letter from Melissa and five other elected officials calling for an investigation of the Puerto Rican television show Super Xclusivo’s regular use of anti-gay slurs.  We are happy to report that the hosts of the show have apologized on air for the offensive language and have stated  that they will no longer use such language in the future.

Here is a statement from Melissa:

I am very pleased that Super Xclusivo has aired a public apology for their use of homophobic slurs, and that they have pledged to no longer use such offensive language.  I congratulate Pedro Julio Serrano for yet another significant victory in the fight for equality for the Puerto Rican LGBT community.  I would also like to thank my colleagues in government who signed on to the letter to the FCC.  I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we are so proud to have played a role in this successful campaign.  As many of you know, I am Puerto Rican. I was born and raised on the island. My mother and many relatives continue to live there and as a result I continue to have a deep fondness and concern with what occurs on the island. As someone who believes in fairness for all and strives to have government and our laws ensure equity, this campaign and victory is even more significant. Our solidarity in NYC with the LGBT community in Puerto Rico will continue to be stregthened as a way of moving the discourse forward to contribute to a more just society. Clearly, there is still more work to be done, but we will continue to hold our TV and radio stations accountable for their use.


4 thoughts on “Update: Super Xclusivo Publicly Apologizes for Anti-Gay Slurs

  1. Way to go, Melissa! There’s no doubt your letter to the FCC combined with the hard work of Pedro Julio Serrano are what convinced La Comay to issue her apology for her hate speech to the viewers in Puerto Rico as well as WAPA America. Thank you! Gracias.

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  3. Well done! Slowly but surely the public will become more sensitive about this issue. Use of any such remarks should never be used in any form of public media, and even between relatives and friends, because the prejudice is still being modeled, especially when done in front of children who do not understand and who will question why a disparaging remark was made, even in jest, and will then imitate it on their own. I am 58 years old and If I thoughtlessly use a cuss word, which is very rare now, my daughter will correct and reprimand me.

    Thank you.

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