East Harlem Residents Join Over 200,000 People at Yesterday’s Rally and March in D.C.

The immense crowd at March for America (Photo courtesy of Reform Immigration FOR America)

Yesterday, nearly 100 members of the East Harlem community went down to Washington D.C. to rally and march in support of comprehensive immigration reform.  Over 200,000 people joined in this historic event, 11,000 of which were from New York State.

We gathered near our district office at around 5:30 a.m. and got onto two buses, which were sponsored by Melissa’s Office, Senator Serrano’s Office, Community Board 11, Congressman Rangel, East Harlem Against Deportation and the Violence Intervention Program.

The East Harlem Contingent

On the bus ride, we listened in on a live conference call with Senator Schumer, who updated marchers on his blueprint for immigration reform.

Once we arrived in D.C. we began walking to the National Mall, where we joined in a rally featuring elected officials, union representatives, community organizers, and a video message from President Obama.  Following the rally, we took to the streets in an energetic march.

Marching through the streets of Washington!

We met immigrants and community organizers from as far away as Tennessee, which sent 10 busloads of people to the event, braving a 13 hour bus ride.

For many of the community members that joined the trip, this was their first time traveling to Washington D.C.  In reflections after the trip, they expressed feeling inspired and excited to continue the struggle for comprehensive immigration reform.

Another photo from the rally (Courtesy of America's Voice)


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