Melissa Joins Friends and Supporters in Honoring Alberto Arroyo, a Central Park Jogging Pioneer

Last week, Melissa joined friends and supporters of Alberto Arroyo, a well-known jogger who has been called the “Mayor of Central Park,” in honoring his contributions to our city.

The Park’s reservoir, where Mr. Arroyo once jogged regularly, will soon feature a bronze plaque that will immortalize his presence at the track for generations to come.

Melissa with Alberto Arroyo.

Sadly, Mr. Arroyo, who is now 93 years old, is in frail health after suffering a stroke that ended decades of jogging.

Mr. Arroyo’s dedication to jogging has been a source of inspiration for many New York City joggers and runners, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who used to jog with him around the reservoir.

Here is a short video of Mr. Arroyo, filmed in 2002:


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