Parks Committee Hearing Held Today: Regulating Tree Removals and Replacements

Melissa convened her first Parks and Recreation Committee hearing as Chair this afternoon.  The topic of the hearing was Intro 4, a piece of legislation that will regulate tree removals and replacements on City property.

The legislation will set up a permitting process for City agencies to remove trees from public property, require these agencies to either replace the trees or to pay a fee to the Parks Department to do so, and ensure that the replacement trees planted collectively add up to a caliper size that is comparable to any of the mature trees that are removed.

At the hearing, the Parks Department as well as representatives from the business and advocacy communities provided testimony on this bill.

Intro 4 is expected to be voted on by the committee and get to the floor of the Council soon.

For a calendar of all City Council hearings, please click here.


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