Melissa is Named Chair of Parks & Recreation Committee

We are pleased to announce that Melissa was named the Chair of the City Council’s Parks & Recreation Committee at today’s Stated Meeting.  Melissa will also sit on the following committees: Aging, Civil Service & Labor, Contracts, Community Development, Housing & Buildings, Public Housing and Youth Services

Over the past four years, Melissa has been a staunch advocate for keeping our parks public.  District 8 includes not only the entirety of Central Park, but also Randalls Island, home to a controversial project about which Melissa has been very vocal.

Last year, Melissa sponsored Intro 1083-A, which requires local representation on park conservancies. The bill was enacted and signed by the Mayor in December.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates on the work of the Parks Committee.


One thought on “Melissa is Named Chair of Parks & Recreation Committee

  1. Congratulations on your appointment! I suppport your consistenet stance in maintaining the public parks public as a quality of life resource for all of the people. I am further heartened that you will continue to be our district’s voice in the critical committees of Aging, Youth Services, Public Housing, Housing & Buildings and Community Development and Labor and Civil Service.

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