Victory for Community in Randalls Island Court Decision

A court decision released today regarding Randalls Island represents a real victory for community members who have fought against a number of actions supported by the Bloomberg administration.

Randalls Island

One of the most controversial of these actions — also the subject of this court decision — has been a deal struck between the City and several private schools for the use of public parkland on Randalls Island as their athletic fields.

Today’s decision found that the City had circumvented a public review process, known as ULURP, before brokering the deal.

Melissa has long opposed the City’s handling of Randalls Island, which is part of District 8, for its lack of transparency and public participation with respect to a number of major decisions about the Island.

She also opposed the deal with private schools, citing the disregard for low-income young people who also should benefit from the use of the athletic fields being developed on Randalls Island.

The following is a quote from Melissa about today’s court decision:

“I am happy to learn that the court has validated what we knew all along, that this concession required the ULURP process.  This decision represents a significant victory for the community and advocates who have engaged in longstanding efforts to preserve open, public space on Randall’s Island.  I will continue to monitor the developments of this case to ensure that the community gets the maximum benefit out of further negotiations on this matter.”


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