Today in El Barrio/East Harlem: A March, A Trolley and A Tree Lighting

Today, Tuesday, December 15, 2009, three events in El Barrio/East Harlem will converge to highlight the Holiday Season by supporting both local tenants’ and small business’ desire to continue to call their neighborhood home.

The events will be kicked off by the first pick up on the East Harlem Taste Trolley, which will take participants to 14 of the finest local restaurants where they can sample delicious food for 20% off regular prices.  The Taste Trolley, which is being co-sponsored by the East Harlem Business Capital Corporation and the East Harlem Restaurant and Bar Association, will help to support locally-owned small businesses as they struggle against rising rents to remain in their “home” in El Barrio/East Harlem.  The first pickup will be at 3:00 pm on 96th Street and Lexington, and will continue until 9:00 pm.

El Barrio/East Harlem’s tenants face a similar struggle of rising rents and living expenses, in the face of the current economic crisis.  Too many of these residents have already been displaced and many others face uncertainty that they will be able to call the neighborhood home for much longer. Today, the Anti-Displacement Taskforce will hold its 3rd Annual Holiday Housing March to make it clear to all that the best gift for El Barrio/East Harlem’s poor and working residents is permanently affordable housing.  Participants will gather at 97th Street & 3rd Avenue at 5:00 pm. Housing March 2009

For over two years, Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito has convened the Anti-Displacement Taskforce, partnering with community based organizations, tenants, activists, advocates and other elected officials to confront ruthless landlords, investors, and developers that are attempting to displace members of the El Barrio/East Harlem community.  The Taskforce hopes that through this march, it can stand united in bringing visibility to the housing crisis in the neighborhood.

Finally, at 6:00 pm, both the Trolley Riders and participants in the Housing March will join the lighting of East Harlem’s Holiday Tree at 106th Street and 3rd Avenue, which will be a festive celebration for both local residents and visitors.


One thought on “Today in El Barrio/East Harlem: A March, A Trolley and A Tree Lighting

  1. I believe M.M.Viverito is doing a great job and she needs more supporters to help as many of the small groups/businesses around.
    Many do not even know what is going on here in El Barrio; we need to get the word out amongst everyone.
    So as we communicate together we can have more power in getting things done for our community.

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