City Council Votes Down Kingsbridge Armory Proposal

Yesterday afternoon, Melissa voted with an overwhelming majority of her City Council colleagues to reject the proposal for the re-zoning of the Kingsbridge Armory. The proposal had called for the opening of a shopping mall within the historic site.

A number of concerns have been raised about the project, including environmental impacts and the refusal of the developer to guarantee that a living wage (defined as $10 per hour with health benefits or $11.50 per hour without) would be paid by all businesses operating within the proposed Kingsbridge mall.

The community and many elected officials, including Melissa, had argued that it wasn’t enough to simply create jobs, but that they should also be quality jobs, particularly considering the significant tax incentives and subsidies offered by the City for the project.

While the administration is considering a veto of this decision, the Council has enough votes to override the veto. Meanwhile, local residents are hoping to jumpstart a new planning process that will lead to the creation of a community facility at the Armory.


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