Statement on Yesterday’s Marriage Equality Vote

The following is a statement from Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito on yesterday’s marriage equality vote in the NYS Senate:

I was saddened and disappointed to learn that marriage equality legislation failed to pass in the New York State Senate yesterday.

The extension of equal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples in our state and our country has been long overdue. Unfortunately, a majority of State Senators voted in favor of continuing this discrimination, which has been the cause of pain and frustration for so many New Yorkers.

I commend those Senators that did vote ‘Yes’ as well as the Governor and the Assembly for their consistent support of marriage equality. I also commend all of the advocates, organizers and community members who, by mounting such a strong campaign, got us closer than ever to passing this legislation in New York.

I look forward to the day when the State puts an end once and for all to these unfair and discriminatory restrictions on marriage.


One thought on “Statement on Yesterday’s Marriage Equality Vote

  1. Why don’t you run a primary against one of the six Democrats from NYC who voted against marriage equality? You seem to have gotten your stances on important issues right.

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